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Rainbow Parrots Deposit information
We try to find homes for our baby birds as soon as they hatch. Because of this we ask for deposits of $100 to $300, depending on the price of the baby. Deposits are not refundable for any reason if you change your mind about purchasing the bird. If we can not complete the sale for any reason at all the full deposit will be refunded immediately. Normally we only accept deposits on babies who have already hatched. On the rare occassion we do agree to accept a deposit on a fertile egg we will ask for 1/2 the normal deposit and I will ask for the second half of the deposit when the baby has hatched.

Rainbow Parrots Health Guarantee
At the time of sale we guarantee our Babies are healthy and do not have a pre-existing life threatening condition. You are encouraged to have your new Baby seen by an avian vet within 72 hours of purchase to validate this guarantee.

If you choose not to have a health check performed during the 72-hour period after your new companion arrives, the health guarantee is void.

If your baby parrot is found to have a condition which affects its life or on going health within the 72 hour guarantee period, We agree to either refund the entire purchase price or replace the companion parrot with one of the same species and age if available.

Please note that going to a new home can cause stress on a baby bird. This stress can sometimes cause bacterial problems which are easily treated with a medication your Avian vet can give you. This is easily cured and your baby will probably not even appear sick.

Please note that our health guarantee does not cover a treatable stress related illness. Our health guarantee is in place to insure you against receiving a bird with life threatening illnesses or pre-existing injuries or deformities.

In the very slim chance that our health guarantee is needed the baby bird must be returned to us with his original leg band in place accompanied with your Avian veterinarian's report. Your Avian Veterinarian's report must be verified by our avian vet before replacement or refund can take place.

FREE behavioral advice for Life!
Please feel free to contact us at any time you have a question or concern about your new Parrot Companion. We are more than happy to help you and would love to hear how your Baby is doing!

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