Harness and Flight Suit Training

In the past few years owners have realized how beneficial fresh air and sunshine can be for our birds. Birds may have a chance for more exercise and socializing when they are outdoors. The Flight suit and the Aviator Harness offer parrots a safe way to be outdoors.

I personally do not use either of these items for my own pet parrots. I prefer to take my birds outdoors in the safety of a cage. I think the bird is more relaxed in a cage and feels more secure. In a cage they can see all around them and can enjoy the outdoors. There is no worry of having a predator swoop down and snatch my bird from my arm or shoulder. My bird can not accidentally jump off my shoulder into traffic when it is safely in a cage. I feel safer with my bird in a cage when I take them outside.

I do however understand the pleasures for pet owners and the bird in being outside of a cage while being outdoors. It is much easier to carry your bird around on your shoulder or arm than to carry around a bulky cage. With proper lanyards attached to the flight suit and harness your bird can fly further than they can in most homes.

Harness and Flight Suit training is not something that can be done on a baby as it is weaning. The baby is learning how to perch, fly, eat, play, climb, swing, and so much more during the weaning process and that takes up their time and effort at this stage. I can easily put a harness or flight suit on a baby at this age, but that is not doing the training process. The training takes time and patience and the babies are not here long enough during the weaning process to learn this. Wearing the suit or harness is not really about getting it on the bird, it is about training the bird to wear it and put it on willingly.

If you choose to use a Harness or Flight suit with your baby you should allow a couple weeks after getting your baby for them to settle into your home and build trust with their new family. Once you feel the baby is comfortable in their new home you should begin the training process with them.

I also think that the Pak-o-Bird is a very good option for taking your bird outdoors!!

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