Our Visitation Policy
There are many airborne avian deceases, viruses, and bacteria which can threaten avian life. We are very careful to not introduce these dangers into our home.

If you are a local customer who will be picking up your baby when weaned we ask that you read the info below.
Before your visit:
• Do not visit other aviaries, pet stores with other birds, or bird fairs on the same day before you visit us.
• If you have birds of your own we hope that your pets are healthy and have received proper vet care.
• We only accept scheduled visitations.
• We also very much appreciate you letting us know exactly what time you will be arriving, and letting us know if there will be delays.
• I certainly don't want to rush you on the day you pick up your baby, but we think that a 30 minute visit is plenty of time to visit and answer any questions you have. We often have babies who need feeding and poop that needs cleaning and visits that are longer prevent us from doing this.

We are often asked by our clients purchasing babies if they can see the baby bird's parents. Many of our breeding pairs need strict privacy and will get very upset at visitors in our breeding rooms. A visitor's intrusion can cause parents to leave their nest and chill their babies or eggs. In some cases parents can be so distraught at the intrusion that they will destroy their young.

We just can not take this chance. So we absolutely can not have visitors to the breeding rooms.

We thank you for your cooperation in keeping our flock stress free and healthy!

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